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Codebook Assignment at an Affordable Cost


submit is your excel codebook with the metadata tab information completed and ready for your DNP project.

In the Metadata Tab of the excel codebook provide:

Variable NamesThis is the name of your variable.  For example, Student Identification Number.

Variable TypesIdentify your variable as Continuous, Categorical or String.  Continuous variables are numerical values that are on a scale. Categorical variables are nominal variables that will be coded after data collection. Continuous and coded Categorical variables will be used in your data analysis.  String variables are text or numbers.  String variables are not analyzed (e.g. Student ID).

Variable Labels: This is a shortened name of your variable.  It should not have any spaces or symbols except the underscore.  This facilitates importing into statistical programs. For example, Student Identification Number could be shortened to ST_ID or ID.

Variable ValuesThis is the most important information for your project data analysis, as this is where you numerically code the values for all your categorical variables.All values for categorical variables must be assigned a number and this information must be recorded in your Codebook. 

Levels of MeasurementIdentify your variables as Nominal (means the name of something), Ordinal (on a discrete ordered scale) or Scale (interval/ratio/Continuous on a scale).

Description/Survey Question: This column should contain a description of the variable or the entire survey question if you are using a survey for data collection

Please Note:  If you are doing a pre/post study you will need variables for each question pre and each question post.  For example, Q1 pre and Q1 post.  You will also need total scores for pre data and total scores for post data.  If you are doing pre/post data collection the same is true, you will need data pre and data post.  If you are using two groups remember to include a grouping variable.  For example, Freshman students and Senior Students (this will be a categorical variable that you will have to code.

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