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Cognition Discussion assignment at an affordable cost


For these two questions, there should be at least two aspects to every answer you give – a description of your experience and an attempt to account for that experience using what you learned in class.(Related to the textbook which I will send you later)

1.In class, we’ll discuss the idea of stereotype threat. Stereotype threat has been implicated in academic performance in minority students, in performance on tests of social sensitivity in men, driving performance in older adults, performance on math test by women and in many other areas. Do you think you have ever experienced stereotype threat? Describe the circumstances – what do you think the consequences were?

2.We talked in class about differences in memory performance in children compared to adults. What do you think leads children to develop adult-like memory skills? Is it just a matter of brain maturation or might experience or instruction play a role? What implications might it have for parenting and/or education?

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