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Cognitive Psychology Discussion assignment at an affordable cost


1. There have been various claims that conformity is higher in younger people than the older ones. Conformity refers to the act where people change their attitudes, perceptions, or belief to closely match those held by groups to which they belong. To verify this, I researched to verify if this was true. My research question was; “Are teenagers affected by conformity more than adults?” Age is the outcome/dependent variable for the research.

2. The age difference in social conformity will be between two groups (younger and older people). The young will be of age 18 years and below whereas older people will be above 18 years old.

3. Age is to be observed by using emotional facial expressions.

4. The predictor variable in this scenario will be conformity.

5. As explained in the first paragraph, conformity is the act of people matching beliefs, attitudes, and behavior to the norms of a group.

6. This predictor variable will be categorized based on the behavior of the study.

7. Writing hypothesis.

We have two independent variables; the young and the elderly, thus, we will use two samples t-test to check if the test is statistically significant.

The claim in the study is; conformity is higher in younger people than the older people thus, the hypothesis will be;

Null hypothesis; conformity in younger people is equal to conformity in older people.

Alternative hypothesis; conformity is higher in younger people than the older people.

8. Stating the hypothesis.

Let young people be u1 and older people be u2

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