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Cognitive Psychology Questions assignment at an affordable cost

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  • Explain what scientists have discovered about social cognition. What are heuristics, and how might they be employed by social psychologists?
  • Distinguish between the following types of heuristics: representative heuristic; availability heuristic; anchoring and adjustment heuristic; status quo heuristic. Explain how each would affect our social thoughts.
  • Explain what schemas are and how they hep social psychologists organize social information. Describe each of the three basic cognitive processes that are influenced by schemas
  • Describe the classic study by Rosenthal and Jacobson (1968) and its implications to the understanding of a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Distinguish between the following potential sources of error (biases) in social cognition: optimistic bias; overconfidence barrier; planning fallacy; counterfactual thinking; magical thinking
  • Explain how feelings shape our thoughts and how thoughts shape our feelings. Give several examples to support your response. Provide a personal example of when your thoughts might have been heavily influenced by your mood and what the end result of this interactive process entailed

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