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Cold War and Development of Weapons Discussion


Could the Cold War have been avoided or at least different? Why or why not? Did Americans have valid reasons for fueling the Red Scare?(300-400 words)

Remember to respond to two (2) other classmates. Let’s have a lively discussion! (at least 100 words each)


I personally believe that the Cold War could have been addressed differently. I feel like instead of the nations trying to compete for who does what faster and beeter they should’ve worked together to create something that unified the world. The Cold war caused panic across the globe and people were stressed out. I feel like instead of building and creating things to threated eachother they should have bonded and created cures or new machines to help out people across the world. The race to the moon was something cool and not so harmful. The creating of the atomic bombs and war machines were not the best things to argue over. Like I stated in the previous sentences nations threatening each other caused massive fear within the civilians living in those countries. Since the U.S. was already in the middle of the Cold War I feel like they did have a reason to fuel the Red Scare at that point. If things were different I would say that the U.S .shouldn’t have been invloved. In a way I just feel like the Cold War could have been avoided completely.


After the U.S. dropped the atomic bombs in Japan, there was no way the Cold War could have been avoided. This was the first-time destruction of this magnitude has occurred. It a very frightening thing. I believe every country reacted normally. In the lecture it was mentioned that a reporter questioned students from Europe and Students from the U.S. about why they believe their countries had missiles facing each other and they had the same answer. “It’s for defense”. I would expect my country to arm up as well no matter where I found myself living on the globe. The fear of cold war funded mathematics and science and help propel the U.S. into the future. However, things could have always been done differently. Americans had reasons to fuel the Red Scare but they were not all valid. For example, politicians will always grab the most attention-grabbing problem and create drastic measures to feed their target audience like Joseph McCarthy or Richard Nixon. But I would definitely question people. Even though the containment policies helped communism from spreading past its boundaries in Europe, many fled to escape prosecution. They could have made their way into the U.S. and found sympathizers within the K.K.K. or other organizat
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