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Cold War and Its Effects Discussion


Could the Cold War have been avoided or at least different? Why or why not? Did Americans have valid reasons for fueling the Red Scare?(300-400 words)

Remember to respond to two (2) other classmates. Let’s have a lively discussion! (at least 100 words each)


The fact is that the US created something
massively dangerous (atomic bombs) and other
countries attempted to copy it to protect themselves. Basically the US was scared of its own boogeyman it created, and with all reason. While trying to denazify, rebuild and reunite, force was still being used to get to
peace in Europe. And even while the idea behind
containment is to not let it grow, contain it where it is, and let it eat self one cannot be sure a revolution of communism might not happen again so for this reasons characters Alger Hiss and Joseph McCarthy. While it was reasonable to be fearful of spies, the second red scare grew way out of proportion. It resulted in an extremely authoritarian environment in the united states. With many similar practices similar to the fascist regimes that the US had just finished
fighting being put into place. Such as the
criminalization of any perceived communist act taken up by a US citizen. The Red Scare seemed to mostly be a political tool to demonize any form of subversive culture within the United States, while also allowing for some politicians to gain large amounts of support and popularity of it further enhanced the paranoia of communism.


I do not think that the Cold War could have been avoided and the red scare was warranted to an extent. There was global tension after World War II and the introduction of atomic weapons With two prevalent opposing ideals. This was especially true between Communist Eastern Europe and Western Europe democracy. The tension continued to grow when in 1948 then the US put forth The Marshall Plan to stabilize Western Europe after the war to make sure democracy was protected. From 1948 to 1949 The Soviet Union blockaded Berlin causing the formation NATO. This is also the time in which the Soviets had set the first other atomic weapon off. Europe was not the only place this was happening because in 1950 The communist government of North Korea invaded South Korea which was supported by US. Not only was the war on communism happening in Europe it was also happening in East Asia. Had there not been any intervention on either front communism would surely have grown.

With all of this going on it was only fair that there was fear that the government And some of its people could become corrupted in the homeland of America. This resulted in programs like the loyalty check program and HUAC which lead to a lot of people being laid off a job for just possibly being a ‘communist sympathizer’. This Heightened alertness also resulted in the conviction and execution of the Rosenbergs. Although some of the people that may have lost their jobs during this time may have been innocent of any wrongdoing, it was a valid reaction with everything going on in the world at the time.

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