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Colonialism, Decolonization Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Required Reading:

Fanon, Frantz (1961) “Decolonizing, National Culture, and the Negro Intellectual,” 283

[for the full text: Fanon, Frantz (1961/2004) The Wretched of the Earth (Drive)]


David Harvey (2005) “Neoliberalism on Trial, 470

Reading Qs

What does Fanon tell us about processes of colonialism and western modernity?

What does he suggest that decolonizing would mean, what does he suggest about liberation?

How would you connect Fanon’s work on de/colonialism to Foucault and Patricia Hill Collin’s writing on knowledge and power?

What do you think Spivak would say to Fanon about gender and decoloniality?

What is neoliberalism?

How does the concept of neoliberalism help us understand global social change?

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