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Common Assessment – Research Project Assignment at an Affordable Cost

InstructionsWrite a project proposal that summarizes and reviews your topic and its significance, and outlines your plan of completion. – Define the scope and parameters of your project.- Highlight why your idea is relevant, supported by evidence (facts, case studies, existing art or design projects, etc).- Study the feasibility of your project.- Report initial research findings.- Define the various stages of the project supported with a timeline. Your report writing should be proofread and corrected for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. For your personal assessment your reflection should answer the following questions: CLO 3: Successfully utilize theories and ideas regarding contemporary issues in their work.

  • What is the main research question? Support your statement with factual, historical (or contemporary), and visual evidence.

CLO 4: Create a sophisticated plan and proposal for their senior project through intensive research and writing.

  • What is your project about?
  • What is its significance (why is it worth doing)?
  • What are the various stages of the project and how (and when) do you plan to complete each task?

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