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Community Observation and Reflection Paper

Due November 18, 2021


Assessment 1: Community Observation and Reflection Paper

30% of final grade

Assessment Outcomes:

  1. Work collaboratively with other health professionals to support a safe and ethical practice environment.
  2. Communicate professionally in a practice setting.
  3. Explore various aspects of community programs in their settings.
  4. Gain exposure to a variety of roles and responsibilities of community health service workers.
  5. Prepare a report summarizing the reflections and observations made while in the community environment.


  1. Working with a small group, students are required to accrue community exposure in a health-oriented program with this assignment.
  2. A formal letter of introductions signed by the class instructor, clearly stating the purpose of the course and interview, the prescribed tasks required to complete the assignment can be presented to the contact person if required for the initial consultation.
  3. During your consultation, students are required to interact with the appropriate personnel to obtain relevant information to fulfill the requirements as listed below.
  4. Synthesize your observations, reflections, and opinions into a report (minimum 4 pages, double-spaced, 11pt font) and submit to the course instructor by the due date listed above.


Choose a community program from this list or provide your instructor with an alternate program/service:

  • Good Shepherd
  • Salvation Army
  • Community Health bus
  • Drop-in Health Centre Niagara
  • Quest Community Clinic Niagara
  • Public Health dental/medical office
  • Smokers’ Helpline
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Ancaster Community Services
  • Canadian National Institute for the Blind
  • Interval House
  • Rotary Club
  • Lions’ Club

Assessment and Reflections:

Provide a brief history of the program/service provider you have investigated.

Describe the programs and services that are available through this organization and at the site you visited.

Indicate who these programs and services are available for, at what cost (if any), and when they are available.

Include your thoughts on the need for oral care within this target group.

Determine the funding source of the programs and services.

Consider and describe how dental hygienists can be of service to this organization.

Review your conversations and overall experience of this visit. Was it constructive and optimistic, vague and pessimistic or somewhere in between?

Create a health promotion idea.

Create an oral hygiene education idea (separate from the health promotion idea).


Assessment of program                                6%

Depth of reflection                                          6%

Feasibility of ideas                                           6%

Application to dental hygiene                     6%

Structure and organization of paper         6%

                                                Total                   30%

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