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Compare & Contrast Art Essay


Question # 1

Documentary films of varying lengths are being used in place of a textbook. Before beginning your submission, it is expected that all of the films that pertain to this assignment be viewed, and these have all been labeled as Compare/Contrast Film.

Comparing & Contrasting:

1. Use 2 separate documentary films. Choose 1 artwork from each film.

2. Make sure the 2 artworks are completely different mediums. Some examples: paint, graphite/pencil, charcoal, clay/ceramic, marble, bronze, glass, wood, etc.

3. Make sure the 2 artworks are not of the same type, meaning you cannot discuss 2 paintings despite one being acrylic and another oil, or 2 sculptures despite one being bronze and the other marble, etc. The idea is to discuss 2 artworks that obviously seem different at first glance.

4. Discuss how the 2 artworks are different both visually and in their mediums/use of materials.

5. Discuss what makes the 2 artworks similar.

Do not go to Google for answers to the questions or supporting information. The comparing & contrasting experience is about you telling me your very own thoughts and opinions while considering/discussing your chosen artworks from the documentary films.

If any portion of your entry is not yours, meaning you used/referred to other sources, your journal entry will receive a zero.

Writing your Submission:

Write a short essay that answers the above criteria in no more than 250 words.

Be sure to document which films you chose. In addition, you must not forget to provide the titles of each artwork and time stamp them accordingly from the film they appeared in (Riace Bronze at 12:16 in “Beneath the Calabrian Sea”). Sometimes the films can be sketchy with art piece titles, so this is security for backing you up. The purpose of this exercise is to promote critical thinking. Be sure to provide detailed and supportive answers.

The best method for entering your essays into canvas is to cut and paste them after they have been through spell checking and translating.Points will be distributed in this manner:

Original and relevant content – Displaying you have studied and are knowledgeable of the material by writing your own thoughts and feelings regarding the material’s content.

A critical analysis – Exhibiting you have engaged with the material by providing original, insightful observations and thought-provoking commentary.

Quality of writing – Clearly and concisely articulates ideas and feelings about the material utilizing good sentence fluency (syntax), spelling, and grammar. College-level writing is required.

DO NOT use outside sources to help write your journal entry.

these are the films that you should watch before answering the question

https://youtu.be/cmO3ZO9TGgA part 1

https://youtu.be/mMcEhnON1ro part 2

Question #2

Many cities have developed ways in which to encourage public art and beautify their cities and streets. Often, utility/electric boxes around town are painted and decorated. At times, the artwork can be breathtaking, or provide some mind opening social commentary. The styles in which many of these boxes are painted and decorated is vast.