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Comparing McMurrays Test to Apleys Compression test


Write a 3 pages using APA format outlining the McMurray Test and Apley’s test. By answering this question Is _____________ special test (I) more accurate in the diagnosis of ______________ injury (P) compared with a comparative test (C) to achieve the most reliable diagnosis (O)?, Research the information needed to answer the question and write a paper with the interpretation of your results. Discuss sensitivity, specificity, reliability, and validity. Also, include how this would or would not change your evaluation process of an athlete for that particular injury. Minimum of 3 research articles of strong evidence must be cited in the 6th ed. APA format (including a Bibliography). Must be typed in 12pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1in. margins, and 3 full pages. Attached is a document detailing all the requirements.

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