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Competing with Dragons Amazon in China Presentation


I need Presentation for below topic with min of 6-8 slides. Please read below questions carefully and also add Data Analytics graphs/charts/diagrams. Please let me know if you need anything else from my end. Attached Case Study for more reference.

Presentation Topic: Amazon in China

  1. What strategy framework would you use to analyze this case? (Best Strategy in Marketing such as VRIO Analysis, Value Chain Analysis or any similar)
  2. Why did Amazon lose market share in China between 2008 and 2016? Describe the facts and information that led you to that conclusion.
  3. Based on the data provided in the case study, describe the domestic ecommerce and cross-border ecommerce market opportunity in China in 2016, including differential historical growth trends. Which market (domestic vs. cross-border) was growing faster? Which players were growing faster than market vs. slower than market? Explain the data that you considered and how you analyzed the information to make your conclusions. In case you need to make some assumptions, please state them with the logic behind them. You may use USD to RMB exchange rate from public sources.
  4. Consider Amazon hires you as a consultant to evaluate their strategy in China. What recommendations would you make for Amazon in China? Provide multiple options and recommend one of them with justifications.

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