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Complicated relationship with the letters


I have written 300 words as a start of my personal narrative. I need help making it longer and more descriptive. Its need to be a little bit more proffesional and have better vocabulary. I really want to impress the admissions office with my essay and show personal growth. You can use what I wrote or even re write it in a better way but overall I need the essay to show professionalism and personal growth. The topic is about how I have a very complicated relationship with the letter “s”. How much it hurt when people talked about their parents, the “s” hurt because i didnt even have one parent around but my siblings were always there trying to make everything better. Also how much i learned and how I got that certain pain and projected it into something much bigger than me. It keeps me going and I also mentioned science because not only its what most interests me the most but im also trying to major in microbiology in college. You can also add how sometimes I realize I didnt really have a childhood. I was always so focused in being better because I thought I wasn’t enough and to know now that it wasn’t my fault and i am enough has started my healing process and science, paSSion, strength and siblings is what keeps me going at all times.

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