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Computer Science Case Discussion Questions

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I’m working on a writing case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

  1. Case: You accepted a position at the company to lead a team of 3 multi-media developers (excluding yourself). This team will be responsible for graphic design, animations, and promotional material. Your role is to manage the team members, their hardware and software needs, and projects. Your employer asks you to assess the HARDWARE needs for the team and propose a computer configuration that would meet the functions of the team yet the least expensive.Based on the information that you were given above (and not more), do your research (internet, friends, companies, etc…) and answer the following questions 
    1. What are the TOP two (2) MOST important computer parts you would need to consider for the team computers and why? (RAM, CPU, Graphics Card, Hard Drive, etc…)
    2. For these computer parts that you identified in the previous question, what general specifications would you recommend and why?
    3. Go to and use their configurator to generate a quotation [use the expert PC customizer] ( to create a quotation. 
    4. you are only looking at building a desktop computer. laptops, tablets, etc… are not considered parts.
    5. the quotation generated only needs to be for one example computer.
    6. Note: The quotation should include the parts identified as important as well as any other parts needed to build the full computer (this can also include screen, keyboard and mouse but those are not required).
    7. NOTE: should the site be unable to meet the required specifications you may use any other online configurator that can show the price.