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Conducting Visual Arguments Assignment at an Affordable Cost

1. What is the core argument of this ad? What view of drug use and what course of action is this ad promoting? What similarities and differences do you see between the argument about Ecstasy in this ad and the ad in Figure 9.1?

2. What are the main differences in the type and layout of the two ads in Figure 9.1 and 9.2? To what extent do the ad makers’ choices about type and layout match the arguments made in each ad?

3. How would you analyze the use of type and layout in Figure 9.2? How does this ad use typestyles to convey its argument? How does it use layout and spacing?

4. The ad in Figure 9.1 appeared in the weekly entertainment section of The Seattle Times, a newspaper with a large general readership, whereas the ad in Figure 9.2 appeared in a liberal news commentary magazine. In whatways is each ad designed to reach its audience?

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