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Overview of Territorial Disputes/Conflicting Boundary

InstructionsMinimum 10 Pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, Standard Margins, A4 Page, Chicago style citations. 

“10 sources” marked above is a general range not a hard requirement. Citations should be used as needed. Majority of sources should be from primary sources (if available) or scholarly secondary sources (published research articles, academic books etc.). More casual sources such as news articles may be used as a supplement but should not be main sources used. 

Paper should provide a general overview of disputes regarding claimed territory, maritime boundary delimitation, EEZ conflicts, in the Yellow Sea. Potential sections to cover include:
– Historical background/developement of disputes- summary of disputed maritime areas/ overlapping claims and stakeholders (territorial  (China V. S. Korea, China V. N. Korea, S. Korea V. N. Korea etc.)- Sources/ areas of EEZ or boundary violation/ potential flashpoints for conflict (illicit fishing, resource exploration, scientific research etc.) and measures taken to counter these violations.- Political/ diplomatic ramifications of the disputes- Potential avenues for dispute resolution (ICJ/ITLOS arbitration etc.) and potential viability of said avenues. 

The above listed sections are not hard requirements. Paper may focus on particular areas from the above list or outside of the list at the writers discretion. 
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