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Consulting assignment assignment at an affordable cost


  1. Identify a person to interview. This can be a friend, family member, colleague etc. You can talk to a cashier, a manager, a business owner, etc. You must include evidence that you met with this person. This could be a screen shot of a video call, an email confirming the meeting or your rough notes. Do not simply asked questions via email or send a questionnaire. This should be an interview you conduct. The interview should be a minimum of 30 minutes to get solid information for your assignment
  2. You will be assignment OB topic areas for your interview. You will be provided question bank to pick the questions you would like to ask. You can also write your own questions. 
  3. I have a slide deck describing the project in more detail.  You may find it helpful.  I have also assigned each of you 2 topics for your consulting project.  You will be able to select from a list of topics your third topic.  Please identify your third topic to me when you submit your interview questions. To clarify, I reviewed the expectations regarding the 5% interview submission and you are to not only provide the questions but you are also to complete the interview.   This is also outlined in the slide deck and the instructional plan.  You can upload a video link etc. in the assignment folder regarding the interview. See attached to this announcement the slide deck regarding the consulting project, your assigned 2 topics and the list you can select the 3rd topic as well as sample questions for your upcoming interview.  This information is also under Content>Evaluations>Consulting project. Attachment(s):
  4. the three ob topics are perceptions, team effectiveness and motivation.

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