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Consumer Culture Video Question Assignment at an affordable cost


Watch the video, “1920s Consumer Culture” (Links to an external site.) by Shem Fleenor (Links to an external site.).

Write a minimum 200 word reflection (in paragraph format) on culture and consumerism that answers these questions:

  1. Is U.S. culture materialistic? Support your response with specific examples in the context of just one sociological paradigm.
  2. How or where do we learn our consumer values and behavior? You’re welcome to compare/contrast your observations about consumerism in the U.S. and other cultures that you’ve lived in!
  3. What is “planned obsolescence” and its relationship to consumerism?
  4. What are the personal and societal consequences of being materialistic?
  5. Is it possible for people to practice restraint and resist consumerism’s temptations?

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