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Consumerism Culture Video Analysis Paper


This discussion board gives you the opportunity to give and receive feedback from your classmates about the work you are doing on Project 1. For this week’s discussion, you will complete the first steps towards writing next week’s essay. This week, you will only share your video, a summary of the highlights, and state which theory you think best applies to the video you chose.

Respond to only these three prompts (about 100-150 words). DO NOT post the whole 3-page paper in this discussion:

Identify a video/DVD (from YouTube or elsewhere, like the Links to an external site.Films on Demand (Links to an external site.) database in the campus Library). Post the title and link (if available) at the beginning of your discussion post.

Provide a short summary of your video/DVD (What is the video about? Be clear, but don’t try to rewrite the whole script.)

Discuss/Explain which one of the three paradigms (functionalist, conflict, or symbolic interactionist) is the best fit for analyzing your video/DVD. 

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