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Contemporary Media Forms Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Some forms of media are so ingrained in our daily lives that it is hard to imagine a time when they didn’t exist. However, even the most popular and useful forms of media had to develop over time. In this assignment, you will select a form of modern media and trace how it became a staple of American society.

Select one of the following media to use for this assignment:

  • Online video streaming service
  • Social media network
  • Video game and gaming technology

Research your selected media and consider the following:

  • Evaluate how the medium developed over time and explain its evolution in the United States.
  • Identify the challenges and milestones related to its development and how the selected medium became part of contemporary American society.

Create a horizontal or vertical timeline using a text box in Microsoft® Word or Excel spreadsheet.

Include the following information in your timeline:

  • List at least six major events in chronological order that are part of the evolution of your selected medium. These major events could include important milestones, technological advancements, challenges related to the development of your medium, or recent crisis incidents involving this medium.
  • Provide a 2- to 4-sentence description of each event chosen.
  • Provide the dates associated with the events chosen and the event’s impact on the medium and American culture.

Cite at least two sources to support your assignment. You may list the sources at the bottom of the document. Please identify sources in correct APA format. For help with APA, see The Center for Writing Excellence.

Proofread and edit your work to make sure it is organized well and is “businesslike and professional” in appearance. There should be no copy errors of any kind (spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.). For writing help, visit The Center for Writing Excellence or download and use Grammarly, a free program that can help identify errors as you type.

Upload your assignment by the deadline shown in the instructions.

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