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Counseling Interventions Reflection Paper assignment at an affordable cost


Assessment Description

As a school counselor, you will work with students on their academics through assessments and interventions. Often, school counselors offer small group counseling to assist students with specific academic needs. From sessions on listening skills to helping students build relationships, school counselors perform various types of academic counseling for students.

For this assignment, in 250-500 words, reflect on your experience, paying close attention to academic counseling techniques and services.

Address the following:

  • Academic counseling techniques and services implemented by the clinical site supervisor during your observations. What types of interventions, academic counseling approaches, and assessments does he or she use?
  • Academic counseling techniques you used with students. Share the types of interventions, academic approaches, and/or assessments you observed, planned, or administered.
  • Additional observations or experience you had relating to academic counseling this week, specific to PK-12 education.

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