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COVID Immunology Case Study Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Read the following case study and answer all the questions.  Your answers should be typed and in complete sentences.  You need to  support all of your answers.  In other words, explain why you think that is the correct answer using the specific information you learned in this unit.

Present Problem:

John Taylor is a 68-year-old African-American male with a history of type II diabetes and hypertension who came to the emergency department (ED) triage window because he felt crummy; complaining of a headache, runny nose, feeling  weak, “achy all over” and hot to the touch and sweaty the past two days. When he woke up this morning, he no longer felt hot but began to develop a persistent “nagging cough” that continued to worsen throughout the day. He has difficulty “catching his breath” when he gets up to go the bathroom. John is visibly anxious and asks, “Do I have that killer virus that I hear about on the news?”

Personal/Social History:

John lives in a large metropolitan area that has had over three thousand confirmed cases of COVID-19. He has been married to Maxine, his wife of 45 years and is retired police officer and active in his local church.

Current Vital Signs

T (Links to an external site.): 100.3°F

BP (Links to an external site.): 164/88; MAP (Links to an external site.): 113

O2 sat (Links to an external site.): 92% room air

What is the cause of John’s fever?  Explain what is happening inside his body to cause the rise in temperature?  Should the fever be treated? Explain why/or why not.

COVID can cause the alveoli to fill with a mucous fluid.  What role do the alveoli play in respiration? Explain how the mucus build up would alter his breathing.  Does his O2 sat level support this?

Follow up:

John returns after a few months for a check up.  His O2 saturation levels are 99% and he is not running a fever. He says he is feeling much better and his energy level has returned to normal.  He asks about the availability of the vaccine.  He wants to know if he is a good candidate for the vaccine.  

Using the information learned in this unit, explain to him how the vaccine (in general) works and why he should/or shouldn’t get it. You need to support your answer. 

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