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Covid Protection Behavior Psychology Question


This assignment allows you the opportunity to learn from scholars who conduct research in a variety of disciplines relate to social psychology. You will be asked to watch a panel of experts discuss their research and how (or whether) it can be applied to improve COVID protection behaviors in K-12 contexts.

Question 1: Select one panelist’s presentation to focus on. Describe what you learned from the presentation. In the description be sure to define terms and elaborate where necessary. (350-word limit).

Question 2: Reflect on the panelists’ presentations. Identify two panelists and explain either similarities or differences in their work on their perspectives on how the information can be applied to the educational context. (350-word limit). 

Question 3:State one social psychology concepts discussed in class or your textbook that was raised during the panelists presentation or the discussion. Provide a defintion of the concept, and describe how the concept was used in the webinar. (250-Word limit). 

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