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Cultural Stereotypes Assignment at an Affordable Cost

Please select ONE of the following prompts for your response essay to Unit 2. Use MLA
format* and follow the essay rules and guidelines located after the prompts. All the best!

  1. The Idea of Race
    Hatred, the inferiority complex, the privilege of superiority and identity crises can all be products of the
    idea of race. In 4-6 pages, explain what your understanding of race is. Include your thoughts of whether
    or not it is necessary to be classified by race and if racial differences can occur without hatred. Be sure
    to incorporate the messages in Anthony Fabian’s Skin, Sekou Sundiata’s “Blink Your Eyes,” Nadine
    Gorimer’s “Six Feet of the Country” and/or Ayad Akhtar’s “Disgraced.”
  2. Culture &Race
    In Ayad Akhtar’s play, “Disgraced,” there is a racially driven underlying current as it pertains to relations,
    status and identity. The play presents a man, Amir, who at the beginning seems to be well off and
    sound, but who also eventually begins to unravel throughout the play from the pressures that racial
    tensions and the accompanying circumstances seem to bring. In 4-6 pages, discuss all of the
    perspectives, actions and sayings that reveal how Amir perceives, accepts, rejects and confronts cultural
    differences and race relations.
  3. Cultural Stereotypes
    As Naomi Shihab Nye depicts in “Gate A-4” and Trevor Noah demonstrates in African American, people
    are judged and stereotyped more often than not. It seems to have become a part of the human
    condition to associate certain concepts, behaviors and practices with the culture that a person may be
    from. Considering the aforementioned, imagine a distant relative of yours is coming to stay with you
    and/or your family for the next six-months. Your relative (you can name him/her) is young and has
    never experienced cultural diversity and the stereotypes and prejudices that come with it. You worry
    about providing a comfortable and positive experience for your relative, but you fear that New York’s
    highly diverse and wildly stereotypical culture may ruin that experience for your relative. In 4 -6 pages,
    prepare a letter to your relative that educates him/her about the cultural stereotypes you have
    experienced and/or witnessed, how you overcome or suggest to overcome them, and what attitude
    and approach he/she ought to have in the event of an encounter.
    Essay Rules & Guidelines:
     All essays are due on Sunday, October 24th. You must submit it on Turnitin via
    Blackboard. Follow the instructions on Blackboard. (Be sure to submit the paper no
    later than 11:59pm, or else it will be late.)
     All essays are thesis essays and are expected to be written in proper essay format.
    Please visit the Web site provided in the last bullet for further details.
     All essays are to be 4-6 pages in length, include a heading or cover page (with at
    least your name, instructor’s name, course and section number, date being turned
    in), and a works cited page (properly formatted).
     For extra-credit points on this essay, please submit extra-credit assignments from this
    unit. The max points you can receive are 2 points, so choose accordingly. Be sure to
    attach a copy of the extra-credit, and send via e-mail.
     It is highly recommended to have your paper revised by a Writing Center or LRC tutor.
    Either make an appointment now with the Writing Center or the LRC for an available
    English tutor. If you have English Language challenges, then I highly suggest you make
    appointments with the ELL lab. Find all support centers on the “Online Tutoring” tab.
     *MLA Format Rules
    Your paper must incorporate sources and include a works cited page. This documented
    essay should cite 1-3 primary sources and 2-4 secondary sources. (Secondary sources
    should include biographical, cultural, historical, critical and/or theoretical work.) This
    documented essay must also be connected to a literary text, which your assignment is
    already based on.
    For more information on how to format your essay MLA style, please refer to your MLA
    Handbook or visit the sites posted on Blackboard.
     If you submit your paper on time, I will grade and return your paper as promptly as I
    can. Please do not expect it to be returned by the next class; I will keep you posted
    on when I will return essays. Once you receive your graded essay, given it was
    submitted on time, you have until the remainder of the semester to revise it if you so
    choose. When you re-submit it, please make sure you attach the original copy to the
    revised copy, or else, I will not accept it. Late papers (submitted 1 or 2 classes after
    the submission deadline) will not be allowed to be revised. No papers will be
    accepted after the second class after the deadline.

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