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Cyber Security Policy Paper Assignment at an affordable cost


Submit a policy paper on Cyber Security and  explore the importance of understanding politics and participate in political decision, by looking at an issue that affects you and society (actually most policies affect all of us), as well as the consequences of political decisions on society.

It will help to use the Rational Comprehensive Model as an outline. 

  1. Describe the issue. Does the      government play a role in regulating this issue?
  2. What is the most recent policy      that regulated this issue?
  3. Who in the government was      involved in making this policy? (Congress, president, Supreme Court, or      local government, etc).
  4. Did citizens play a role? Was      this an election topic?
  5. Was there anything you learned      during this class about politics that helped you understand how government      affects you when it comes to the issue of your choice? Has this changed      your perspective on the importance of understanding politics? Why or why      not?