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Dance Appreciation Discussion assignment at an affordable cost

First, we all need some practice with describing what you are seeing-not what you feel, but what you see… I want you to see the dance as a craft, and really trying to see the use of time, space, shape, music, costume. So please do not comment on what you think the meaning is, or how it makes you feel. I know both of these dances are very emotive, which is why I have chosen them for you to watch. For this assignment you describe each of these dances as if you were explaining them to a friend who has never seen these dances before. Please read looking at dance power points, utilize the 5 elements of what makes theater dance different then vernacular dance to help direct your description. Then, you will give constructive feedback to two other classmate’s posts. This way of looking and writing about dance will be utilized through out this course. Enjoy!

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