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Database Install and Query ~ IT

Instructions***I will include all links, Scoring Guide for reference  as well as a Word Doc that has the essay template. Please use  the essay Template***
**Resources **

Databases and Database Management Systems

The following resources provide an introduction to the fundamentals of databases:

  • Morley, D., & Parker, C. S. (2017). Understanding computers: Today and tomorrow: Comprehensive (16th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage. Available in the courseroom via the VitalSource Bookshelf link.
    • Chapter 12, “Databases and Database Management Systems.” 
  • Sampson, A. (2015). Generic Database Fundamentals: Introduction to Databases [Video]. Skillsoft Ireland.

**Downloads **

These resources will help you to install MariaDB:

  • Windows
    • MariaDB.
    • MariaDB. (2017). Installing MariaDB MSI packages on Windows. Retrieved from
  • Mac
    • MariaDB. (2016). Installing MariaDB server on macOS using Homebrew. Retrieved from


In this assessment you install MariaDB, import data, run a query, and answer questions on relational vs. non-relational databases.


Complete the following preparatory steps for this assessment:

  • Download the Database Assessment Template [DOCX] and use it to submit this assessment.
  • Download and unzip the file for use with the database.


Part 1 – Installing, Importing Data and Running a Query on MariaDB

Follow one of these OS dependent directions found in the Resources to complete Part 1 of this assessment:

  • Directions for Downloading, Installing, Importing Data, and Running a Query in MariaDB [DOCX].

Step 1 – Install MariaDB.

Step 2 – Import Data.

Step 3 – Run a Query.

Take a screenshot of your query output and paste it into the Database Assessment Template that you will use to submit your assessment. Be sure to add a brief annotation to the screenshot in the assessment template identifying it and briefly explaining what it shows.

Part 2 – Explaining Databases

Include your responses to the following in the assessment template:

  • Relational vs Non-Relational databases: MariaDB is an example of a relational database, while others such as MongoDB are examples of non-relational databases. Do the following:
    • Identify two appropriate uses for each type of database with a brief explanation of why each is appropriate.
    • Explain how each type of database stores and retrieves data.
  • Database Best Practices: Perform Internet research on database best practices and address the following, while making sure to support your assertions with citations from professional sources:
    • Describe three critical best practices for database maintenance.
Submission Requirements

Submit your completed Database Assessment Template with:

  • Part 1 screenshot.
  • Part 2 responses.

Make sure to read the scoring rubric to understand what must be included with these screenshots to reach the d

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