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Daumier Influence of Cartoons in The Mid 19th Century

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question 1 /

Cartoons were originally used for what purpose?

How did Daumier change the meaning of the cartoon in the mid-19th Century?

What are some different types of cartoons seen today and what might be their meaning or message?

To view larger versions of these images, click here.

Raphael 6a Raphael cartoon for The School of Athens 1509

Daumier 6b Honoré Daumier Counsel for the Defense (the Advocate) 1862-1865

CLAMP 6c CLAMP page from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE 2007

question 2 /

Describe how a fresco painting is made. What happened in Mexico which encouraged the period from 1920 into

the mid-1930s, known as the Mexican Mural Renaissance and what was the renaissance’s purpose? Who was

Prometheus and why do you think Orozco chose this symbol for Pomona College?

To view a larger version of this image, click here.

Orozco 7a José Clemente Orozco Prometheus 1930

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