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Decision Making for Job Candidate Paper


First, read the biographies of each applicant. As you are doing this, rank each of them from 1 to 4, with 1 being your first choice, and explain your reasons for their ranking.

respond to the following questions using the decisions you have made with your rankings.

  • The first section of your paper should be an overview of your rankings and reasons for your decisions.
  • Did your decision include any culturally based biases you may have—for example, feelings, personality traits, or politics in your rankings?
  • Did you make any observations that you feel would have been fully acceptable in your own culture, but were not accepted in other cultures? If so, explain.
  • What implications do you believe any of the applicant’s cultural differences would have in business dealings? In what countries or cultures?
  • What expatriate adjustments for the candidate need to be considered? How will the company handle these?
  • Explain the decision-making process you used to make your decisions. 

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