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Design an evaluation Plan


Both formative and summative evaluation, along with development evaluation, are important competencies for instructional designers to develop. For this week’s second assignment, you will create a Design Evaluation Plan (including both formative and summative evaluation) for delivery of your learning project within your organization. You will use actual data from your organization or hypothetical data.

According to Russ-Eft and Preskill (2009), an outline might contain:

  • Rationale and Purpose of the Evaluation
  • Program Logic Model*
    • Assumptions
    • Resources
    • Activities
    • Outputs
    • Short-term Outcomes
    • Long-term Outcomes
  • Identifying Evaluation Stakeholders
  • Determining Key Evaluation Questions

*A logic model shows what change strategy underlies the learning program or product and identifies where evaluation is most important. It also includes underlying assumptions, resources, inputs, activities, outputs, and expected outcomes.

Explain how theory influences your plan, and provide research-based support for all elements included in your plan. Your plan should be created in Word.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including the reference page

References: minimum 2 references

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