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Design Project Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Students will find and photograph a product or system (Do Not download a picture from the internet) which is not consistent with human-centered design (e.g., violates human factors principles, requires skills/perception outside of human capability).  You will then create a 3 slide PowerPoint presentation.  The first slide will be the Title Page.  On the second slide you will show the faulty product or system and clearly indicate the design problems by highlighting/annotating the photo with text that clearly shows and explains the issue. Clearly state the design principles that were violated and explain how they were violated.  Try to find more than one violation.  On the third slide, you will provide a re-designed version of the product or system.  Explain how the violations were corrected and what design principles went into the redesign.  An optional 4th slide can be used to provide any additional information you might want to provide, such as describing your re-design in greater detail, any references you might have used, etc. You can depict the new system realistically (using Photoshop or other image altering approaches) or you can redraw it using the drawing/shape tools provided in PowerPoint.  Taking a picture of a better designed or newer version of the product is unacceptable!  You can make the new product or system look any way you want (do not worry whether the actual technology is available or how expensive it would be), just as long as the user interface is consistent with human factors principles of human-centered design. Creativity is strongly encouraged! See Rubric for grading criteria.  Upload your PowerPoint file to both the Assignment section and the Discussion section on Can

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