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Developmental autobiography Assignment at an Affordable Cost

InstructionsYou are to write a developmental history of yourself from birth through to your future self using Erikson’s theory of lifespan psychosocial development stages. You should include concepts on early trust and bonding with parent(s) from other theorists such Bowlby’s Attachment theory or any others you enjoyed.

Most of this will be your recollections of the events you feel shaped you in positive and negative ways and your interpretation of why these events had such a strong impact on the person you are.

You may consider talking with parents, siblings, and extended family, if possible, to enrich your own recollections. This would be especially important if you include your birth story.

The goal is to develop a connection with your own developmental history and to increase self-knowledge and insight, as well as to practice concepts we learned throughout the course.

Papers can be typed directly into the text box like you have been doing with Video Assignments or typed in Word, copied/pasted into the textbox. Your choice. Papers should be a minimum of 3 pages, checked for grammar and spelling, with well-thought out ideas that fully explain and emotionally connect with the following 5 elements:

Events in your development (minimum of three) that influenced your current stageTry to look across all of your younger years for significant eventsSome suggested events: 
–Your birth story (I really recommend doing this if possible. Discuss with your mom your entry into the world)
–Your mother’s pregnancy, complications, things that went well, fears
–Earliest memories
–trust, bonding, attachment issues
–triumphs, trauma, abuse, poverty, grief, illness, loss
–Sibling births and interactions, birth order
–parental interactions, their styles of love expression/affection/discipline, divorce, remarriage
–culture/religion, race, gender, neighborhood, socioeconomic status
–school, college choices
–social development/friendships
–dating, romantic relationships, sexual orientation, sexual identity

4. Try to relate these early life experiences with your current Erikson stage. How did those experiences affect your success in where you are now?
5. End with a section of “time travel”. Imagine if you had the chance to talk to your younger self. At what age would you “visit” yourself? Why this age? What would you say or do (comfort, laugh, play, encourage, criticize, forgive…)? Or, speed ahead into the future. Where do you hope your life is going? What do you want your life to look like when you are older?

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