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Diabetes & Pediatric Asthma assignment at an affordable cost


All 2 case studies

***APA format expected (minimum 300 words to maximum 500 words each) and must be supported with scholarly nursing literature included!!!!!!

1.Lesson #6 Diabetes

J.S requires teaching about his diabetes. Using what you have learned in the article by Barton, S.S., Anderson, N., & Thommasen, H.V. (2005) and the Giger, J. N., & Crowshoe, et. al (2018),  Davidhizar, R. (2002) transcultural assessment model, discuss how you would modify your teaching.

Barton, S.S., Anderson, N., & Thommasen, H.V. (2005). The diabetes experiences of Aboriginal people living in a rural Canadian community. Australian Journal Rural Health, 13, 242-246.

Crowshoe, L., Dannenbaum, D., Green, M., Henderson, R., Hayward, M., & Toth, E. (2018). Type 2 Diabetes and Indigenous peoples. Canadian Journal of Diabetes, 42(1), S296-S306. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jcjd.2017.10.022

Giger, J. N., & Davidhizar, R. (2002). The Giger and Davidhizar transcultural assessment model. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 13(3), 185-188. doi:10.1177/10459602013003004

2. Lesson #7 Pediatric Asthma

M.S.  is a single mother with a hospitalized child, and a 2 year old at home who is ill, with no one to care for her in the morning. Discuss the competing priorities that this mom faces. Be sure to consider the developmental stage for child in hospital and/or child at home, family centred care principles, stressors of hospitalization, and the effect of chronic illness on the family.

Please use the readings found below to support your comments and understanding of the lived experiences of parents with children who are hospitalized.

Dalheim-Englund, A.C., Rydstrom, I., & Norberg, A. (2001). Being the parent of a child with   asthma. Pediatric Nursing, 27(4), 365-373

Sullivan, C.F. (2008). Cybersupport: Empowering asthma caregivers. Pediatric Nursing, 34(3), 217-224

Wills, A., & Wills, J. (2009). I wish you knew… Pediatric Nursing, 35(5), 318-321

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