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Disagreement and Democracy Assignment at an affordable cost


  • Write an 1800-word assessment (merits, demerits, limitations) of the deliberative democratic project in teterms of both theory and practice. 
  • Only the primary texts under consideration are to be used — no secondary material is permitted! 
  • Neither footnotes, nor endnotes are required or even desired. A simple page number (or numbers) in parenthesis will suffice for reference. If quotations from the text are used, students must be aware of the difference between judicious use and excessive use of quotations.
  • Papers are marked in terms of the quality, clarity, and precision of writing, and how well the student understands and can articulate the course material under consideration — i.e., in terms of understanding the key terms and concepts drawn from the assigned readings; recognizing the relationship between main and supporting ideas; the choice of relevant evidence from the texts and its precise and accurate representation.
  • use any and only the sources provided in files accurate way