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disaster mental health Assignment at an Affordable Cost

InstructionsFor your final paper, you will choose your topic.  Your topic should be focused on disaster mental health topics we discussed throughout the semester.  This can include a vulnerable population group (such as women and girls, people with disabilities, race and poverty in disasters, etc.), a specific policy (disaster mental health not integrated into more aspects of emergency management, etc.), and/or  specific disaster that is either domestic or international in scope (Hurricane Katrina, the Indian Tsunami, etc).  It should include the following:

  • Be 9-10 pages not including references.
  • Include references and be very well cited (I will ding you for poor citations).
  • In either MLA or APA style.
  • Not be plagiarized.
  • Well organized and edited.
  • Have a thesis: what is the main topic of your paper?
  • Have a beginning, middle and end and include your research/literature review (introduce the topic, discuss the topic, discuss the literature/research, and summarize including your final thought).
  • Be about disaster mental health.

Disaster Mental Health and Specific Disasters

You can do a compare and contrast.  I would stick to no more than 2 disasters  (maybe 1 terrorist and one natural?) and focus on the types of mental health services offered in each and similarities and differences

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