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Diversity Essay assignment at an affordable cost


  • Write a narration paragraph about diversity. It could be about race, ethnicity, class/caste, gender, sexuality, age, and political and religious beliefs. Make sure to include the point. What lesson was learn? What was a lasting feeling?
  • Make sure you are telling a story, not a definition of diversity.
  • First, use the Questioning/Journalistic Method (W-5 + How) to generate ideas.
  • Next, you must make a detailed plan, following the example in the digital book.
  • Then, write a 250-300 words paragraph. Don’t forget to include transitional expressions such as the ones in the digital book.
  • You must have a proper heading, title, and an indent (tab key). Your font should be Times New Roman or Calibri, size 12. You need to double-space and have a word count.
  • In addition, for this paragraph, you need to make your topic sentence and conclusion a different color (e.g.: green) and all your transitional expressions another color (e.g.: orange)
  • Once you are satisfied with your first draft you need to get it checked at the ASC. Before making the edits, copy and paste your first draft, so that you can see where your edits were.
  • Label each page and submit everything (reflection, brainstorming, plan, 1st. draft, revised draft, and proof of ASC) in one big document to Canvas.

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