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Diversity Management Paper assignment at an affordable cost


In your paper, you should include your identification and analysis of the central issues related to your topic, your evaluation of the alternative perspectives related to your topic, and a description of your current stance on the issue you have chosen.  In writing your paper, it is important for you to include your own opinions (supported by references) regarding the topic you have chosen.  For example, if you choose to write about a firm that is facing law suits regarding diversity issues from its employees, I would expect you to offer your opinion regarding actions the firm might take or might have taken that would have helped avoid the law suit and then provide support (with references) for your recommended approach.  As a rule of thumb, I expect that you will devote about one third of your paper to your critical analysis of the issue you choose.  In other words, don’t just write 5 pages that only describe the actions of a firm or other organization/profession/government without critically assessing those actions. 

Information in the text of your paper must be properly cited using the method that is used in The Pitney Bowes Case: A Legacy of Diversity Management in the textbook.  Do not include any footnotes at the bottom of any of the five pages of your analysis.  In preparing the paper you should avoid using more than three direct quotes and no quote should be longer than one or two sentences.

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