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Dramatic Monologue on a rapist


Your assignment this week is to write a dramatic monologue. 
Study the examples from the reading. Poems: – Herbert White             – The Kid by Al             – My Last Duchess by Robert Drowning

It can be about someone you know or about a celebrity — just be sure that whomever you pick, you know quite a lot about that person. 


May I suggest that a notorious or infamous person seems to be the best subject material. The mind in extremis, from crime, mental illness, or whatever crisis, makes for the more interesting poems (!) 

It’s not to be sesnationalist; it’s just that there’s something about the non run-of-the mill that invites mystery and our curiosity. 
Your poem is, then, an exercise in understanding. Remember, it’s rendered by craft — those literary devices! And it’s not a clinical presentation or crime record or newspaper account.

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