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E Commerce Essay Assignment at an affordable cost


Hi there,

I have got 3 questions for the subject eCommerce which i have to complete according to a small business I choose,

Below I am pasting the instructions and rubrics, kindly please go through it:I have choosen the business:

PACIFIC BREAD COMPANY – https://pacificbreadcompany.com/

Do you think this business is ok or do you want to choose another business?

STEP 1: Please read these instructions for the questionsfirst and the grading rubric (see the above link)

STEP 2: Read the questions below for your first orientation.

STEP 3: Choose any small to medium size business as your “client” – you will need a client for questions 2 and 3. Reserve the client’s name in the Moodle forum (week 11) based on the “first come – first serve” principle.

STEP 4: Answer the three questions below, put all your answers into one Word file and upload here before the deadline.

QUESTION 1: LONG TAIL CONCEPT (1-2 pages, max 500 words, 20 marks)

Explain the concept of the long tail principle in e-commerce. Discuss why it is important. Describe how it can be applied in PPC. Make sure to reference your sources (at least five) in APA style.

QUESTION 2: Conversion Funnel (1-2 pages, max 500-700 words, 20 marks)

2A) Create a model for your client’s digital marketing conversion funnel with at least 6 steps. Explain why you chose these six steps. Make some numeric targets (examples) for each step in your conversion funnel.

2B) Assume that the first step in the conversion funnel is “Number of Ad Impressions”. What could be your 2nd step in the funnel? How could you improve conversion from your 1st step to the 2nd step?

QUESTION 3: Content Strategy (app.1-2 pages, 600-700 words, 30 marks)

Assume that your client from question 2 would like to run a social media campaign with the objectives to build relationships and to promote the sales of their products to current and prospective customers.

3A) Describe and explain the key elements of your social media plan

3B) Describe in more detail the key elements of your CONTENT marketing strategy


PS. There is only one part (“Part 1”) of the exam.