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Economic, environmental and social impacts of the project

Research report detailing the economic, environmental and social impacts of the project

Assignment Task

Detailed analysis of the sustainability of a project or manufactured product is done using a triple bottom line analysis, (which considers the economic, environmental and social impacts of a project as a whole).  In this assignment you are required to identify a recent manufactured product or project that pertains to your discipline area.  You are then required to complete a brief research report detailing the economic, environmental and social impacts of the project.

Task A: Project Lifecycle

  1. Do some research on your chosen product or project.  Identify and list the common stages of the lifecycle for each product.  Discuss what is involved for each stage. Remember to include the end of life aspects of the project.

Task B: Key Stakeholders

  1. Identify the key stakeholders for your project or product. 
  2. What is the balance between positive and negative social / environmental impacts on your stakeholders.  What stages of the project do these impacts occur?  What are some defining indicators through which you could measure the impacts?
  3. Are there likely to be any negative social impacts on your stakeholders.  Identify and discuss which stages of the project/product lifecycle these are likely to occur.
  4. What can be done to maximise positive social/environmental impacts and mitigate any negative social/environmental impacts to your key stakeholders

Task C: Environmental Impact

  1. During each stage of a product or project life cycle there are many environmental factors that can be impacted and should be analysed.  Do some research and identify which of the below environmental factors will be influenced and how.  Give a definition of the environmental factor and include what units it may be measured in.
    1. Global warming
    1. Mineral and fossil fuel depletion (abiotic depletion)
    1. Land transformation / occupation and biodiversity
    1. Water resource depletion
    1. Eutrophication
    1. Acidification
    1. Eco-toxicity
    1. Photo-chemical smog
    1. Ozone depletion
    1. Ionising radiation
    1. Human toxicity
    1. Respiratory effects
    1. Indoor air quality
  2. One the environmental impact is assessed it is the engineer’s job to mitigate or eliminate the impacts to the environment.  Identify and discuss some strategies that may be adopted to mitigate environmental concerns during each stage of the product or projects lifecycle.

Task D: Economic Impact

  1. Do some research and identify the most expensive stages of your product / project life cycle.  Are there any techniques (construction methodology) or materials that can be used to minimise cost?
  2. Is your proposed cost saving methods likely to have any flow on effect as to the environmental impact of your product / process?

Submission Requirements

Your submission should be in the form of a PDF report, addressing each of the above tasks.

Your submitted assignment should be approximately 4 pages long.  The report should be written in Times New Roman, size 12 font. If your assignment is significantly shorter or longer than this, you should consider contacting the Examiner to clarify the assignment tasks.  The Appendices, Title Page and Table of Contents will not be included as part of your page limit.

Your report should take the form of a technical report and should have the following structure.

  • A title page, listing the Assignment title, student name and ID
  • An Executive Summary
  • A Table of Contents
  • 1.0 Introduction
  • 2.0 Project Lifecycle
  • 3.0 Key Stakeholders
  • 4.0 Environmental Impact
  • 5.0 Economic Impact
  • 6.0 Key Report Conclusions
  • 7.0 References
  • Appendices

Remember to use sub section headings if required and to include appropriate table and figure headings in your report. Your assignment needs to appropriately acknowledge sources of information.  University policy mandates the use of the Harvard AGPS style. Please refer to the library website for further details.  There is also a Harvard Style referencing guide available on the study desk

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