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Economics Analysis for Walmart Question


Please do a moat analysis of a company, product, or service of your choice.

Background: I am the CEO of the investment group Econ Sachs.  You are an analyst for the firm. Econ Sachs invests in companies with a long-run durable competitive advantage.  The CEO (me) wants to know whether you recommend Econ Sachs invest in the firm based on your moat analysis. Ultimately, you want to determine whether a sustainable competitive advantage exists. In your moat analysis, please include these components and make bullet points. 

Specifics for Memo:

  • market analysis (four market spectrum) (make sure to consider competition and substitutes)
  • elasticity analysis (pricing power leverage) (amount of differentiation)
  • barriers to entry analysis (how protected are profits from “new” competitors)
  • rivalry analysis (how protected are profits from “existing” competitors)
  • supplier power analysis (do suppliers have elastic or inelastic inputs – who has the leverage?)
  • buyer power analysis (do buyers have leverage (other options?))
  • government intervention analysis (can government intervene and dictate prices or regulate?)
  • the resource-based view (to what extent does are resources difficult to imitate)
  • Finally, and most importantly, aggregate the above and give your recommendation (does the firm, industry, product, or service have a 

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