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Editing essay based on the original

Instructions” Once you select the essay, start by reviewing the feedback you received and your own notes The goal for this assignment is to improve your paper. For some of us that means developing ideas that were left lingering. For others, it might mean supporting your claims through research, quotes from the readings, or offering counter arguments. In either case, you must provide more support for you ideas. So, ideally, if your original paper was a 3 page essay, your revision will more than likely end up being a 5 page paper. “

  • Revise one of your papers that you have worked on this semester
  • Provide additional research, quotes, support for your ideas, or counter arguments
  • Highlight areas of improvement
  • Write a cover memo  

These are the requirements. Read the story and follow the feedback that my professor made up there, make sure you hight light where is it fixed parts, please. I screenshot his comments in these images. 

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