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Effects of Poor Mental Health on Autistic

Effects of Poor Mental Health on Autistic and ADHD Children Presentation


Microsoft Presentation(PPT) on Case Studies of Clinical health and Organizational Psychology and Conflict Resolution.

Topic – issue/ problem to be specific and ongoing. for example, dengue fever happening in particular country. (I haven’t decided on the topic yet. I am open to discuss the topics and ideas. As before starting with the assignment my topic need to be accepted by my professor. giving him with explanation with What is the topic and the problem I would be focusing on and Why.)

Speake/ narrator notes- Script format with in text citation per slide 2 minutes of speaking.

Presentation format – Case Study framework- What-why-how approach.
1. What is/ are the problem(s)/ issues(s)?
2. Why are these issue(s) happening i.e., explain the reasons that account for the problem(s)/ issue(s).
3. How are you going to address these problem(s)/issue(s). Essentially, answering the \’how\’ requires you ti discuss possible RECOMMENDATIONS and interventions to address the problems/ issues.

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