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Emotions and Learning Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Compose a post that addresses the above questions and make connections to the content from the course this week using 3 digital powerups. Remember to cite content from one or more of the texts with page number, and comment on at least one other student post using 1-2 additional powerups.


  • Remember: List or restate something you seen or heard in the movie; then, add an opinion in your response. Use #remember.
  • Understand: Ask a question that will help you understand what you seen or heard in the movie. Allow a peer to respond to your question. Use #understand.
  • Apply: Organize what you seen or heard into something new. Include a poem, chart, timeline, diagram, or model in your response. Use #apply.
  • Analyze: Examine a quote you heard and then analyze it for factual evidence. Use #analyze.
  • Evaluate: Critique something that you seen or heard in a respectful manner. Cite text-based evidence in your response. Use #evaluate.
  • Create: Develop a novel response based on what you seen or heard using text, video or other supplies to innovate. Use #create.
  • Critical think: Judge the content of what was seen or heard using reasoning. Use #Criticalthink.
  • Problem solve: Write about how a question could be solved. Use #Problemsolve.
  • Data/Research: Answer the question through research and data. Use: #Data/Research.


Students are to watch the movie After Earth with Will Smith. It is available on Youtube to rent and on Cable TV.

Discuss the following: In what ways are self-regulated emotions and learning related? Provide examples from the movie. Students must discuss the concepts from the course textbook and how they relate to your examples.  Your answer should be a solid page in length. 

Tip: See if you can locate the main point that the father tells the son during his journey. 

Chapter 5

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