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Essay for Sociology: Emotions in Society


ABOUT ME: *To note, I’m an Asian American girl with experience of racism and sexism. Course materials were mainly about the issues in emotional and social norms as well as the ideations of repression and projection. I’ve attached unit notes for your information! 

ESSAY PROMPT FROM PROFESSOR: Create your own version of Get Out!!!! Oh yessss! Get Out dramatized the colonizer/colonized relationship and illustrated the power of collective trauma in keeping people in their place, and how to reclaim the erotic and fight back (Audre Lorde’s idea). Come up with an idea for a movie—the characters and plotline—that also dramatizes the work we did in this last half of the course, focusing on these themes—but from your specific form of collective oppression. What kind of oppression affects you and those in the social position you occupy (sexism? Homophobia? Islamophobia? Racism?) What part of yourself have you had to repress? How will your movie show how this works? How will you do what Chris did, and break free? Picture the world watching your movie and show the story that will bring your pain to life—and make the audience feel compassion for the things you have been through, understand the collective mechanisms that keep your oppression in place, wish for your freedom and thriving. If you’re a straight woman who has experienced sexism, for example, will your abusive ex become a villain character in the movie? What kind of imaginary world will you construct to help dramatize what you have been through? (See The Handmaid’s Tale as an example!)

Spend the first few pages of your essay explaining your (amazing and creative) plot in detail and then the rest of the essay explaining in detail how your plot relates to the course materials, citing specific theories, ideas, terms, and quotations from the texts and lectures. I’m excited already to catch the premier. 

Note: You are not creating a movie plot that is about someone learning the information in class.

For example, a movie of someone reading about the concepts from the class or a movie about one of the lives of the theorists we studied. Instead, the movie should dramatize and fictionalize the lessons from this section of the course, as described above.

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