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Enslaved Fighting Contest and Masculinity Paper

Slavery was designed to be emasculating. White plantation owners, often fearful of the masculinity of Black men, sought to consistently subordinate them, employing varying means of violence and oppression to do so.

Enslaved Black men understood this. As such, they wanted to assert their masculinity whenever possible. This included asserting their manhood over that of their fellow enslaved men. Fighting served as the primary way for enslaved men to challenge each other’s masculinity.

Learn more about how enslaved Black men sought to reclaim their masculinity by reading the pdf article by Sergio Lussana attached below:

  • To See Who Was Best on the Plantation: Enslaved Fighting Contests and Masculinity in the Antebellum Plantation South (PDF, pgs. 905-922)

Identify and explain eight ways that enslaved Black men used fighting and other means to assert and reclaim their masculinity. DO NOT write a paragraph or a summary, answer the question only using the numbering below.









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