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Policy Memo – Environmental Policy assignment at an affordable cost

Memo Assignment:

There are numerous ways that civil servants communicate ideas. Civil servants rarely write long papers, instead summarizing relevant information in short form. Developing the ability to communicate succinctly is critical because bureaucratic problems are complex and require well-crafted and timely solutions. A memo is a document that addresses a specific, current policy problem that may affects citizens in some way. The assignment requires a synthesis of complex details in a straightforward and reader-friendly manner. The reader must be able to quickly understand the crux of the issue, background, identify stakeholders and assess implications.

For this assignment, students must first identify a contemporary Canadian public policy issue. Discussion of international implications should be addressed, if appropriate, rather than addressing the topic solely at the international level. Within the Canadian context, if your Memo is addressed to a public official, select either the municipal, provincial or federal level, not more than one, and be clear about in which level of government the official works. Depending on your topic, it may also be appropriate to address your Memo the leaders of an Indigenous government or a government in another country.

The Memo is not meant to be overly theoretical but concise and persuasive, based on evidence. In other words, your Memo should also be objective, rather than a persuasive opinion piece, with the data and implications of options leading to approximately three preferred options. The objective is to present a feasible recommendation that could lead to action or policy change. A template will be provided for your Memo assignment for this course.

The Memo must:

1)   outline the background to a policy issue, a policy question for a government decision maker to decide, options, a recommended option supported by research and implementation guidelines.

2)   Analyze the public policy problem. This requires an understanding of the background of the policy issue, the stakeholders affected and their various perspectives and concerns.

 3)   Solve it with three options and one final recommendation, supported by research. Attached to the memo is a third page – an appendix of your own design that indicates how to implement your final recommendation. 

More specific instructions, format, and tips will be forthcoming across the seminar class days. All students must plan to attend these seminars as this information will not be repeated.

The memo assignment is to be completed via a first draft and final draft. Both should be no longer than three pages in length and not exceed 1500 words (not including references). The first draft is worth 10 percent towards your final grade and is due on 22, October 2021. It is critical you give yourself ample time – day, not hours to do your research, organize your thoughts, outline and write your best draft possible. Strategic planning will be needed to complete the assignment well.

The final memo draft is worth 15 percent of your final grade and is to be submitted through PAWS before midnight on 24, November. First feedback should be incorporated into the final revisions. To final draft must also include a cover sheet on top that lists and explains the top 5 challenges and hurdles you overcame with the assignment between first draft and final drafts. These may be procedural or even internal struggles you battled along the way. Honesty is welcomes and encouraged.

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