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Environmental Toxins Discussion assignment at an affordable cost

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Toxins can be divided into categories based on their potential harm to humans.

  • Carcinogens are substances known to cause cancer.
  • Endocrine disruptors are agents that bind with hormones, blocking their normal function.
  • Teratogens are agents that cause malformation of a fetus through the mother.

Toxicologists are scientists that study toxins and determine if they have any harmful effects on the environment or the human body. Toxicologists often describe toxins as either hazardous or poisonous. Hazardous substances are substances having the capacity to do harm. Poisonous substances are able to kill, injure, or impair living things with a small dose.

In a brief paragraph, summarize the toxin you will be discussing in your paper. Address why you feel this toxin is important to know about, how individuals might come in contact with it, and any other information you think the public should be aware of.