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Epic in Education The Road to Life Article Review

Paper instructions

SECONDARY sources, which you’ll be writing about for these papers, are (for the purposes of this class) written by historians or other academics who draw on and analyze primary sources in order to support a hypothesis or make an argument about how and why things happened in the past. 

Here are the questions you need to cover:

  • Full citation of the chapter or article  
  • THESIS: Its thesis/overall argument (in your own words or cited with a page number) in one sentence (two if necessary)  
  • SOURCES: What types of primary source does it use? Why do they work well (or why don’t they) for this author’s research questions? 
  • KEY POINTS: Summarize 2-3 key points of the article that stood out to you as important or interesting.  
  • CONNECTIONS: How does this article connect to other readings or our course themes?  

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