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Equine Kissing Spine assignment at an affordable cost


Talking about Kissing spine in Equine, more specifically how it pertains to Equine rehabilitation.  The controversies have developed over the past years. 

EQS 326—FA 2021

Paper Presentation Guidelines

This project is intended for you to further explore a current topic/issue connected to rehab.  The project consists of a paper that summarizes your findings, as well as a presentation given during class.  For all components, you should focus on connecting your topic to course material, the implications of your findings for the horse industry (“real-world” application), and use of appropriate, professional written and oral communication skills.

Paper Requirements


  • Must use the topic approved earlier in the semester.
  • Needs to be uploaded to Canvas using an appropriate file format (Word or PDF file) by the deadline.
  • Paper should be double-spaced and neatly formatted.
  • Overall writing quality (grammar/spelling, neatness, consistency of formatting, etc.) will be evaluated.
  • All sources need to be cited appropriately (in-text citations and bibliography).
    • APA format is recommended, but any neat, professional formatting is acceptable, so long as you maintain consistency.
    • Failing to cite properly is a type of plagiarism (academic integrity violation).  Make sure to paraphrase in your own words.  Direct quotes should not be used.
    • Make sure to use reputable sources (not Wikipedia).
  • Papers will be approx. 5 pages, but should be no more than 8 pages (not including references.)

Paper Sections

  • Introduction (1-2 paragraphs)
    • Provide an overview of your topic.
    • Explain/justify why your topic is relevant to the current horse industry.
  • Background (approx. 1 page)
    • Background information on your condition/modality.
      • Explain the science of what it is, what causes it/how it works, etc.
    • This section should include information from your reference sources (and corresponding citations).
  • Discussion (1-3 pages)
    • This is the meat of your paper.  Summarize and discuss the information you found.
    • Information addressed here will vary slightly from topic to topic.  Some examples are below.
      • Does the evidence suggest that your chosen modality/technique would be helpful for the condition(s) you discussed?  Why or why not?
        • Provide specific examples from research trials, etc.
      • Are there any negative indications for your chosen modality/technique/etc.?
      • What gaps are there in the current knowledge of this topic?
        • What information do we still not know?
    • If there is any controversy/uncertainty regarding your topic, this is the place to discuss it.
    • Include connections to course material.
    • This section should include information from your reference sources (and corresponding citations).
  • Conclusions/Implications (approx. 1 page)
    • Discuss your overall takeaways from your research.
      • Do you recommend your chosen modality/technique?  Why or why not?
      • What implications do your findings have for the horse industry at large?
    • Connect back to course material/what you have learned in rehab so far.
    • Tie everything together.
    • Okay to use 1st person (“I”) in this section, but keep it professional.
  • Literature Cited/References
    • See “General” section for info on formatting.
    • Need at least 3 references, but should really have more.

Presentation Requirements

  • Use an appropriate file format.
  • Needs to be uploaded to Canvas by the deadline.
  • Summarize/present the big picture from each of the key sections of your paper.
    • Introduction (brief)
    • Background
    • Discussion
    • Conclusions/Implications
  • Presentations must be completed in 5-6 minutes.
    • Focus on key takeaways.
    • Emphasize visuals; minimize text.

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